Video Analysis

C-Swing Dual Camera System



I use a dual video system which allows a single swing to be captured from both the face on view and down the line. This helps provide a more three dimensional view of your golf swing and how a change from a front on view can effect a change in plane. 


Split screen comparisons, overlays and drawing tools are available to help measure and record changes in movement. 


I can closely monitor with split screens what changes (if any) are taking place through the lesson from swing to swing or from session to session. Records of good and bad swing can be saved for future reference.


Golf Lesson Video Review


Golf lesson video reviews can be made to remind you and provide a record of your progress. the files are small enough to be emailed so can easily be sent direct to your inbox.


Split screen comparisons and analyitical drawings are also saved to the video, while my voice over will remind you of the key areas.


Click the video below for an example.




High Speed Video


Consumer level cameras generally record at 30 frames per second which gives a lot of information when slowed down. However using a Casio F1 camera I can capture at 300 frames per second which gives 10 times more information than standard video. For more info click here.


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