Trackman has probably been the most influential new technological development over recent years, As a coach I have found the information that it provides to both coach and player to be invaluable. It has been a steep learning curve for myself and for my players who are now familiar with 'the numbers'. 


Trackman gives FACTS about impact regarding both clubhead and ball flight. understanding how club face and clubpath interact are the primary factors as to where your balls go. No longer are we guessing as to why one shot would be straight and the next pushes off to the right.


The technology has really helped my players understand what and why they are making any technical changes. Improve your impact and you will improve your golf!

Trackman TPS Software - Justin Rose

Trackman data is split into two parts. Here is a list of some of the primary data:


Club Data

  • Club head speed
  • Face angle
  • Club path
  • Angle of attack

Ball Data

  • Carry Distance
  • Spin rate
  • launch angle
  • launch direction
  • Ball speed

Trackman provides a detailed analysis of your shot patterns and ball flights allowing you to easily identify where improvements can be made.



TPS Software

The Tracman Performance Studio (TPS) is continually evolving as the number one golf analysis software. Not only does it capture data but also combines multiple video views with graphic overlays including face angle, club path attack angle and the ball flight. All this provides a complete picture of what is happening ion your golf swing to create the shots you hit.


Combine Test

The combine test is a global test for all players. 60 shots are played to variou targets, each shot is marked out of 100 and a average total is produced. the world's leading players are now starting to score 90 and over. This is a direct measure of ball striking and control and can be compared to past performances and other golfers.


Junior Combine Test

Trackman now allows you to create your own tests. The Junior Combine Test is a slightly shortened version with slightly fewer shots. Scores are still created out of 100. I also have an order of merit for the junior combine, see below:

Order of merit- Junior Combine

For more information or to book a trackman session at Styal please call me on 07747692028. 

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