Short Game

Having never been the biggest oh hitters I had to learn to develop a razor sharp short game. The short game is the key to how low you can shoot.


There are so many 'methods' around these days it is often confusing as to which is the best for you. Just like the long game priority has to be towards a solid and consistent strike, without a repetitive strike it is impossible to control distance.


 The physics of impact hold true for short shots the same as long shots but with variable distances now being added to the equation. The game is easily adapted to be challenging to all skill levels and is always fun.


I like my players to practice under competitive pressure and always with a consequence to a poor shot. You need to constantly vary your lie, position, distance and learn to visualise the correct shot first time under a competitive situation. There are no second chances in this game!


Here is a fun game i play to sharpen your short game. As always with my games there is an element of competitive pressure and a consequence to poor shots.



Mark Johnson

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