Putting - 'the game withina game'. Putting is simple, you just need a technique that allows you to start the ball on your intended line, a feel for distance and enough practice to be able to read and predict the break.


Master these three areas and you will be a great putter.

  • solid technique to control start direction
  • a subconscious reaction for distance control
  • the ability to read and predict the break.

Practice should encompass plenty of challenging games and competitions always with a consequence to every shot. Technical practice should be performed away from a hole and off the putting green. Practice should be more difficult than the actual game!


Here is a typical practice set up for short putts:


Short Putt Warm Up Drill

Key Points for Putting Warm Up Drill

  • No Hole
  • Target is smaller than a putting cup
  • Start at 12 inches and then every putt is approx 3 inches furthe back. Use a tee as a marker
  • Alignment aids shouls be used, sticks, chalk line, string etc
  • Goal is speed control - every shot should finish within your putters grip of the second coin -the zone. If you miss then you have to start again. it doesnt matter if you miss the first coin. just notice where it goes.
  • The first coin is the imaginary hole. The ball should finish as close as possible to second coin
  • For added pressure, compete against someone else. if you miss the zone you lose

My No.1 Putting Practice


I developed a putting game I call 'Holers and Laggers' based on scientific research into the key skill aspects of putting.

The key features of the game are:

  • Just one ball
  • One chance at each putt so very random elements
  • The practice is harder than the actual game especially if you use a hole reducer.
  • Played competitively against an opponent
  • Additional pressure on the 3-6 footers
  • Have to lag it close
  • Great fun
  • Shapens your skills and prepares you for competition

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