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Clive Woodward is one of the UK's finest coaches. Best know for taking England to Rugby World Cup victory and then took on the role of head of sport development for the 2012 London Olympic Games, which lead to our best ever team GB performance.


Lying at the heart of Woodward's coaching philosophy is the principle of recording information and building a knowledge base that is most relevant to improving your performance in any sport or aspect of life.


After years of development Woodward and his team have developed a system called Hive Learning. It is an online software tool which enables coaches and player's to capture, evolve, edit, organise and share their knowledge and understanding.

Mark Johnson and Sir Clive Woodward

In golf their is a vast amount of available information available. Hive allows a coach and player to create there own personal golfing manual. Everything that each player is working on can be recorded in numerous formats including video clips, photos, notes, voice recording, internet grabs, you tube clips, documents and coaching videos can all be collected in one place and always accessible via computer, iPad or phone.


Each book can then be shared between coach and player. Permissions can be granted as to who has access and what can be seen. a great way of keeping the whole team up to date, the player, coach, physio, strength and conditioning expert will all be seeing he same information and 'singing from the same hymn sheet'.


Hive encourages the player to take control of his own learning and to take ownership of their own game. "To improve performance you must access the right information, then understand it" Dave Alred, performance coach to Luke Donald.


Get in touch for more info on the Hive Learning programme and you you can utilise it with your coaching package.

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